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MASSIVE Vintage Turquoise Silver Bracelet Cuff

$ 675.00

A HUGE open work bracelet with two pieces of what I believe to be Royston Turquoise. They are set in a rope trim accented by two silver balls and the whole cuff is framed in a larger rope trim. The sides of the cuff have two leaves/prayer feathers flanking it. There is a fantastic patina on the cuff, I will leave it up to you to polish.

This is truly a museum quality piece. The turquoise does have a matrix with natural fissures. The stones are secure in their settings.

This is a large cuff and does not have much give to make larger or smaller, please read the measurement carefully.

The face of the cuff is 3  9/16" Long and 2" Wide

The cuff measures 5 1/2" not including the 1  7/16" gap at the back. (My wrist is 7 1/2" around and it fits me perfectly)

It weighs 120 grams.

It is not signed or stamped as most vintage pieces are not but tests positive for silver.

All jewelry will be shipped insured.

*A word on vintage jewelry; Sometimes it is imperfect. Sometimes the bezels don't match up, or a band is set slightly off. This is the nature of vintage jewelry and jewelry in general. Everything is not always perfect, like humans there can be small flaws. Please understand this when buying vintage jewelry*

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