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Welcome to Love & Arrow.

Like you, I share a passion for jewelry. Turquoise specifically. The uniqueness of every stone is beautiful even the imperfections. The beauty of what the earth made in bringing copper and aluminum together. I very much believe that we are just caretakers of beautiful jewelry, it will outlast us all. When you have a well made ring or necklace, you never really own it. You are just keeping it safe and loving it until the next caretaker comes along. I love finding special and amazing pieces of wearable art and giving them new homes.

Turquoise holds its value more than diamonds. Diamonds have had a brilliant marketing campaign thanks to the De Beers company. Prior to the 1920s diamonds weren't all that popular. Thanks to great advertising diamond engagement rings became THE thing to have. Putting a premium on a stone that was plentiful. Diamonds are like a car, as soon as you drive it off the lot the value plummets. Look in a pawn shop sometime. Turquoise on the other hand is one of the few stones that not only retains its value but depending on the craftsmanship of a piece can go up in value.

Less than five percent of turquoise mined worldwide has the characteristics to be cut and set into jewelry. Once a thriving industry, many Southwest mines have run dry and are now closed. Government restrictions and the high costs of mining have also impeded the ability to find gem-quality turquoise. Very few mines operate commercially and most of today’s turquoise is recovered as a byproduct of copper mining. It is one of the rare stones that you can tell where it's from just by looking at it. The turquoise mines all have distinct characteristics. Turquoise is appreciated by those who can see the beauty in difference. The more clear and flawless a diamond is the more valuable it is. How boring is that? Give me a good golden matrix any day.



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