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Vintage Coral Silver Ring

$ 55.00

Beautiful vintage silver coral ring.

Like turquoise, coral is a staple of Native American jewelry. Though there’s obviously no coral in the Southwestern United States, coral was introduced to indigenous peoples by 16th-century Spaniards, who imported the material for sale and trade.

Coral is found in the Mediterranean Sea, Sea of Japan, Canary Isles and the Bay of Biscay. The most valuable of the varieties is red coral. Only the calcified external skeleton of this sea creature (genus Corallium) is used in jewelry. Coral has been highly prized, worn in jewelry and used as an amulet or talisman since before the time of Egypt. Many who use coral in this way believe that it can relieve melancholy and excessive worry.

Coral works on the layer of energy that lies close to the physical body. This layer is comprised of the vibrations or life essence, emitted by the body's cells. Coral helps one in their ability to cleanse, strengthen, repair and rebuild the structure that houses their life essence.

1 1/8" Long

5/8" at Widest

Size 9.5

It is not stamped as most vintage pieces are not but does test positive for silver.

All jewelry will be shipped insured.

*A word on vintage jewelry; Sometimes it is imperfect. Sometimes the bezels don't match up, or a band is set slightly off. This is the nature of vintage jewelry and jewelry in general. Everything is not always perfect, like humans there can be small flaws. Please understand this when buying vintage jewelry

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